About us

Our story

     Dutches and Larry Lewis opened a bar at the site in 1947 and named it after their dog Abner.  At the time the cartoon was popular, which was made famous by Al Capp starring the hillbilly cast which included Li’l Abner.  The restaurant changed hands, and in 1981 David S. Hoffman bought the restaurant.  He was a Criminal Defense attorney who had represented the previous owners, and loved the food too much to let the restaurant close.  He has owned and operated it ever since making sure to maintain that same ambiance he fell in love with. The restaurant is run by loyal employees who have been with Hoffman since 1981, and some longer than that. We plan to keep the tradition alive here at Li’l Abner’s Steakhouse, and don’t plan on changing anytime soon!

simply delicious

 Li’l Abner’s prides itself on simplicity.  Treating the meat the right way and taking our time ensures that each visit will be as delicious as the last.  

 We smoke our Ribs for 7 hours, and finish them over the open Mesquite fire, allowing them to absorb as much of that flavor as possible.   BBQ Sauce is always served on the side,  we believe it adds to the flavor, but don’t believe it should ever cover it up. 

 Make sure you enjoy our homemade pie’s and cobbler’s, the perfect way to top off a great meal!

A Place of tradition

Somewhere you can come back to.  We do our best to help you remember your first time dining with us

Our Wonderful and dedicated staff

The food may be unwavering, but that is all because of our staff.  Here are a few of the faces that have made your many meals, and countless memories possible. 

Connie Gibbon

General Manager

Connie has worked at Li’l Abner’s since 1980.  She has been about as big a part to the resturant as she has for all the employees that have worked for her.  Everyone you talk to would think of Connie just as they would their own mother. Just don’t admit to yours that she is a better baker!

Shawn Bell


Shawn is the go to guy around Abner’s for whatever it is you may need.  He knows every nook and cranny.  Many people will make it a weekly thing to come hang out with Shawn for a few hours and how could we blame them. Shawn, thank you for an amazing 40 years!

Amanda Swan-Darby


Amanda is one of the go-tos.  She has always maintained her postion  at Abner’s throughout her working life, and we are greatly appreciative for this! Amanda first started hostessing at 16, and has been with us ever since.


5PM - 9PM
Fridays and Saturdays  
(Live Music)

You can make a reservation by calling us using the phone number below.

520 744 2800